Why did we launch Marcas a tu Lado?

Brands by your side is an initiative with which we are offering more Peruvian families greater access to high-quality products at very affordable prices with a set of 14 products in 10 key categories for consumption by Peruvian families.

The 14 products are that make up “Brands by your side” are from product categories in high demand in this context, specifically: Mirasol oil, Espiga de Oro noodles, Favorita flour, Sayón cookies, Vanilla and Strawberry and Día stuffed cookies, Trome and Jumbo washing soaps, Aval toilet soap, Patito bleach and detergent, Dento toothpaste and mouthwash, and mayonnaise Alpine.

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Why are prices rising?

The price rise is a fundamentally international, macroeconomic issue and that affects the vast majority of countries around the world. This phenomenon has occurred due to Greater demand, fruit of the economic reactivation in some countries; and the supply reduction of certain products for various weather and pandemic reasons.

These factors not only impact the products we import, but have also generated an increase in the costs of the entire production chain. Raw materials, for example, they have suffered a considerable increase in prices in the last 14 months. To this must be added local factors that also impact prices such as the high devaluation of the sol against the dollar that we have experienced in recent weeks.

In short, we are experiencing a perfect storm: all factors are rising at the same time and also with historical increases .

With the aim of helping Peruvian families face these difficult times, at Alicorp we have launched the Brands by your side initiative.

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