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Dento joins Marcas a Tu Lado

Dento joins the Alicorp family in 2019. It is manufactured 100% in Peru and, throughout its history that began in 2001 with the launch of its toothpaste, it has become an example of business growth. Over the years, it has become the favorite of millions of Peruvians, being considered one of the preferred toothpaste brands in the country. 

A few weeks ago, at Alicorp we launched the Marcas a Tu Lado initiative on the market with 11 products belonging to 8 brands, to offer Peruvian families a variety of high-quality products at cheaper and more affordable prices. Today, the Dento brand is added to this portfolio, with  toothpaste and mouthwash, two products that provide Peruvian households with excellent quality oral hygiene proposals.

From our plants, every day hundreds of workers are in charge of supervising that all Dento brand products comply with the regulations and high quality standards determined by institutions such as the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs ( Digemid ). For example, we carry out microbiological tests that guarantee that it is a medical device, just as fluoride levels are verified in the case of mouthwash. In addition, Dento reaches homes with presentations for the whole family, as its offer also includes toothpaste for children, Dentito. 

Additionally, the brand has just launched a new variety in its portfolio, Dento Blancura Natural, a proposal that contains active fluoride and refreshing agents, providing balanced anti-caries protection and generating very fresh breath. It also helps prevent the formation of bacterial plaque and yellowing of the teeth.  

Today, at Alicorp we add 13 products in 9 different categories to our Brands by your side initiative and we can only say thank you Dento for allowing Peruvians to have healthy oral hygiene and a better smile!